Aliases for Types (e.g. "TODO" as an alias for "Task")

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

I added a new object (Cmd+N) and wanted to create a “Todo” item. I searched for “todo” in the Filter/search box, but it didn’t find it.

Describe the solution you’d like

There is a “Task” type which is probably what I wanted, but didn’t know to ask. It would be helpful to have aliases for common Types, e.g.

Task -> Todo, Chore

Company -> Organization, Business

Contact -> Friend, Address Book Entry


Describe alternatives you’ve considered

The alternative seems to be to learn a “canonical list” of types, and use only those names.

Additional context

Very new user here :slight_smile:


I had similar thought. Having a new relation called ‘alias’ that would be searchable through the serach pane would be tremendous. For instace, I have a databese of my schoolsubjects which have name and an identification code, being able to search them by both would be great. Or simply searching a person by their nicname. That woukd be quite neat.

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@Th3o Being able to search for pages using its relations value is requested over [here]( Add syntax to filter objects/relations/types/tags to the search ). If this gets implemented, what you’ve requested, searching through nickname or subject code will become possible :grinning:

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