After title default colors

I have titles with gray background.

If I click on ENTER, then a text block appears with a gray background. I think it would be generally more convenient if it went back to default after a title.


title with background, enter -> new line, text, with background


title with background, enter -> new line, text, withOUT background


This seems to apply to background color of any block and subsequently created blocks with “enter”. I can see some value in it, but honestly not sure if it should be this way or not…

@Oshyan I agree that maybe with titles/headers/checkboxes/etc, it should revert back to normal after pressing enter, but only retain the color when using basic text blocks. I’m not sure though. This feels like something that every user would have a different idea on how they want it to work and would probably require some brainstorming developing an all-encompassing solution :rofl:


@DreamweaveVisuals this way sounds nice. or, after switching type of blocks, retain defaults.

If an extension is wanted, there could be page and app defaults customizable, but this part is not priority right now I think

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@wemiprog Thank you for your notice! We haven’t implemented this yet, but plan to do that in the future

This is how it works for me in the latest release.

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