After Importing backup, data unlinked/missing

Anytype backup: 63.0 GB
Restored “work directory”: 976 MB

Most of the structure seems to be intact, custom icons and attachments are missing.

Can i manually drop the /files/ from the backup to somewhere in “work directory” to restore anytypes file structure?

↓↓↓ this is most definitely NOT SOLVED, i’m going on 4 weeks now unable to recover 90% of data ↓↓↓

Hi there @hoarder did you check those two options are toggled on?

You bet! @Hexara Attachments are present in the actual backup .zip

The Issue is upon importing, I’m Assuming the glitch is from syncing from cloud before local? Or local than cloud?

I’m not sure where any type looks for locally stored (offloaded) content
Hopefully it’s not structured as backup is just /files/

If that makes sense

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probably the same problems than here :

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So i’ve imported my backup (60GB) Synced to Anytype servers. it populates my space with the available cloud data (1GB)

Overloading the 1GB limit Anytype is dumping excess files locally into:

In an attempt to restore my local (excess files) by dumping from the backup /files/ folder into the temp directory.

Did not solve the missing data/links.

That’s weird, I suggest you post a bug report for this issue.

What kind of import and export did you use?

The export was
File>Export : anyblock
Format:JSON +zip +include files +included archive

THE import was



Any type>settings>space>import to space



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In your imported version, have you checked the images, for example?

Find a page with an image, right-click, open as object… and it should be displayed.

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right click>open as object reverts to homepage.


I’ll also link the reported bug after this initial thread was created:

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And to answer your original question from the topic, no, you can’t do something like that. You’ll need to import it properly through the app.

This seems like the solution to local files above the cloud limit no?
User set’s directory for local offload, reference set directory in backup information.
When restoring directory is set, if anything is broken with import just transfer files to referenced/set directory?