After I reboot my anytype, all relations of each type are lost

Is is a feature or a bug?

If I cannot store the relations on a type, does it means that I shouly only use relations on a certian set?

I think this is a serious drawback.

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Hi @ABdeeglr, this is most certainly a bug. See also topics like:

Please add your comments (and print screens if possible) there to help the devs troubleshoot the issue.

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The same happens to me after restarting Anytype. Had just spent a few hours setting it all up after migrating from Alpha :smiling_face_with_tear: Better catch these buggers now than later, eh?

Macbook, M1, Mac Os Ventura 13.2.1
Anytype 0.33.2

The templates kept their relations (and respective filled ones).

Thanks! Let me know if more information is useful. :slight_smile:

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