Adjust Kanban width


In my dashboard, I have an inline set for 4 classes I take. However, this looks a bit odd, as my 4th class goes off screen, so I need to scroll over to the right to have it fully in view. This problem only gets bigger if you have more than 4 tags that you want to see in a Kanban.

I have already set the layout width of my dashboard to 100%, so I cannot make the page any wider to fit it in. I can also use ctrl - to zoom out, but it affects the scaling of everything else, which I do not want to happen.


I think that there should be an option to make the kanban columns take up a percentage of the available width rather than a set amount, for example, I have 4 columns so anytype would make each take 25% of the available space, 20% if I had 5, or 16.6% if I had 6, etc. This way, it will always fit page it is on.

There would be a problem of it being too crammed together if there are too many columns, so this could be solved by having an additional setting to limit how small they can be, for example, the user could set a limit for the size to be no smaller than 10%, and if the size goes under that, automatically set it to 10% and allow it to overflow to the right, or just turn off this auto-adjust feature.

Alternatively, the user could manually set what percentage of the width the columns take up (or each individual one), or have an option to manually drag and adjust sizes.


Another alternative is to have the overflowing columns go to the bottom as a new row, this would also allow you to fit all the kanban boards onto 1 page without scrolling to the side.

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I’d just like to mention for anyone who doesn’t know already, but you can also scroll horizontally by holding Shift, and then scrolling normally using the mouse wheel.

Another thing that could be implemented to make it easier to horizontally scroll in the kanban view and the app in general, is to allow us to scroll using the touch gesture even on desktop. What I mean by that is for the app to allow us to hold left click on a mouse, and then for it to scroll for using if we move the mouse left / right.

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Hello! Thanks for the welcome and reply!

Thanks for clarifying that you can scroll with shift, but with larger kanban boards it would be beneficial to see more of it at once, as currently there is no way to change the size of the columns at all, I just thought that it would be a helpful feature to be able to resize the columns. It could be done like in grid view where you can drag and resize the columns and tags to adjust as you need, but I would think that the implementation would be similar to the gallery, where you’ll notice the cards always fit the width of the page without needing to scroll sideways

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Yes to this, please. I have the opposite problem, my page width is only slightly wider than my 3 boards, so it looks very off-center. :sweat_smile:

I like your comparison with the gallery cards, shows that the idea is already possible.

I hope fine-tuning FRs like this one gets some attention even with less votes.

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