Adding iOS + iPadOS Keyboard Shortcut Support

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Describe the solution you’d like
It would be nice to add keyboard shortcut support to the iOS app to allow even simple tasks like bolding (cmd+B), italicizing (cmd+I), and underlining (cmd+U) shortcuts.

Ideally, the full feature would allow for full shortcut support similar to the desktop application, but the first iteration would be to allow text modifiers. The common way to list out keyboard shortcuts for iOS/iPadOS is by registering certain actions into the native Swift library and allowing users to hold the command key on the keyboard and delineating different keystrokes for certain actions (pictured below for the iPad OS Brave Browser).

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
The only alternative as it stands is to highlight cells / text sections and go into the text menu and modify texts.

Additional context
I enjoy creating and updating my notes at a glance on my iPad and bluetooth keyboard and this feature would greatly improve the UX.