Adding a view to a set that's on a page doesn't sync with set view

What’s The Bug?

I have a set in a page and I added a view to the set. But when I click on the set name and open the set, the view doesn’t sync and doesn’t show the new view that was added. I’m not sure if this is the intention, but I’m assuming they’re supposed to sync so that’s why I’m posting it here.

How To Reproduce It

  1. Add a view to a set that’s inline
  2. Click on set’s name and open the set
  3. New view that was added is not sync’d in the open set

The Expected Behavior

I would expect the views to sync, and in general, changes made to the full view set and inline set to sync. In case I’m misunderstanding how these are meant to work, I’d appreciate clarification and I guess this would be a feature request instead?




Windows 10

Anytype Version

Version: 0.37.3

Technical Information

OS version: win32 x64 10.0.19045
App version: 0.37.3
Build number: build on 2023-12-27 14:14:53 +0000 UTC from at #a6b9e08d3091e8a9c17b0b50e3d591612d609bd5(v0.30.4)
Library version: v0.30.4
Account ID: A9ELU8ShQgaA5Wc8chXXiyrbY9QLPxLRcKbmAeqxiMCXQrXZ
Analytics ID: e0ba7c46-1120-4b91-8621-f2a98b30ab65
Device ID: 12D3KooWR8vGyuRRwUFXZMKznVpoaJB8XPtCfuE2c7Fv4Ya32SsC

It’s not a bug.
It even has it’s benefits that there no auto-sync.

But it would be nice to have a button in the Set’s settings to activate such a syncing if preferred for a concrete use case (as yours).


Not a bug as mentioned by @Code-Jack. Please search trough the forum before posting new topics (there are a couple of topics related to this already).

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I always try to search before I post a topic, but nothing relevant showed up in the search and that’s why I posted here. The search doesn’t seem to be very inclusive as I’ve noticed that a few topics I’ve created do have related topics, but they never show up in the search.

and if you wouldn’t mind linking the related topics, that would be appreciated (as I’ve noted above, I can’t see them when I try to search what I think are key words)

If you indeed search for “Adding a view to a set that’s on a page doesn’t sync with set view”, you would get nothing, but that’s because that’s a bad search query. If you just search for “inline set sync”, there are multiple topics already.

Thank you for reminding me about the importance of searching before posting. I understand the value of doing so and have made efforts in that regard. However, I’d like to request a more empathetic tone when offering guidance, as not all of us are proficient in tech matters. It felt a bit like I was being criticized for not trying hard enough, which isn’t the case. I did search using key terms and not full phrases. I’ve been a part of this forum for some time now, always aiming to follow the rules and treat everyone respectfully. I would appreciate it if we could maintain mutual respect in our interactions. Thank you

There are many many posts being created on the forum each day, and a lot of them end up being duplicates. For new users, I generally just merge them without mentioning anything. Since you’ve been here for a while and since you’ve posted duplicates before, I asked you to please make sure to search before posting. Maybe I mistook you with someone else, and in that case, sorry for the confusion.

Sorry if you feel like that, but I personally don’t see where I was not empathetic enough or even disrespectful.

It’s how I perceived the text you wrote, so I can understand if you don’t see it the same since you also wrote it knowing your intentions. I wanted to try and make it clear that that’s how it read to me and not that I’m accusing you of having that attitude, I hope I’ve made that clear.
The biggest reason I wanted to mention that is in case my response may come off as rude in any way, to hopefully explain why.

Thanks for taking the time to respond to it!

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Yeah, don’t worry about it. I didn’t come out as rude to me, and I’ll try to stay as empathetic and respectful as possible while responding in the future. Cheers!

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