Add to dashboard function adds the same page to dashboard leading duplicates

One of them is a backlink page and one is the real page, this is not an issue of duplication. Or you might have added the same page to Dashboard. I tried to reproduce it , The feature works for me2021-06-09-11-10-23.mp4

Open Dashboard Page 1 and click “add to dashboard” again.

@bzimor Hi! Sorry for the long answer! We haven’t finished this function yet and will coorect this behaviour later.

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We will fix this in the nearest release

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@bzimor Is this fixed for you?

Isn’t this feature replaced by “Add to favorites”? Anyway, I can only add it to my favorites once. Then the options turns into “Remove from favorites” as expected. I’m on 0.24.0 on Windows 11.

Think so, yes. Will mark it as solved.