Add the "Sidebar" Tag in the Forum drop down menu


We don’t have the Sidebar Tag available in the Forum Tags drop down menu.


Now that we have a new core feature, we need a tag for it. So please add the Sidebar Ttag in the forum.


Using the wrong tags?


Hi, @AyneHancer . I believe that “Navigation” and “Design & UI” might fit the bill? Better to have encompassing tags than one tag for each element, IMHO. Hope that helps!

No, these two tags are for other features of the software.

Besides, there were many topics about the Sidebar before it arrived that would need to be retagged, and many future bugs and requests about it that would also deserve that this tag exists.

What is necessary must happen, and there is more benefit in implementing it than in not expanding the dropdown list by a single tag.

I have created that tag and it can be used now.