Add the Sidebar on the Home screen


The Sidebar is not visible on the Home screen and it is disturbing because it is an element that has become ubiquitous, so it should be displayed everywhere, in the continuity of use of those who use it.


Allowing the Sidebar to be visible on the Home screen.


Adding it as an option in the settings.


I agree, Sidebar should be visible on the Home screen. It took me a few seconds to get into an object to actually see it. It is not a very straightforward behaviour.


I thought home screen would be removed with sidebar arrival. They are totally the same expect in appearances. I don’t want home screen to be like evernote dashboard becoming a hindrance

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The homescreen will still be useful, when other options, plugins/widgets etc will be available later.

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Then ability to disable home screen would be great. Or if the gallery card view like craft available for homescreen would make the it useful

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We’ll see when the time comes then. But as for now, I see an interest in @Srinath idea to get the ability to disable/replace the actual home screen, as it is possible to reproduce an equivalent of the actual Home screen cards view inside our Object types with a Link to object by customizing it through Card appearance.

Those Plugins/Widgets you mention could ideally be added in a Card style like this.

From now, I see the actual Home screen as a redundancy. :roll_eyes:


I could not find bin in sidebar. Maybe Homescreen still has its use and an important at that.

I was about to create a feature request for that. Give me some more time :wink:

That’s it:

Was about to post this but figured I wouldn’t be the only one after this option!

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