Add Telegram emojis as icons

It would be very cool to add the ability to import emoji from telegram so they can be pasted via ctrl + e and also used as icons.
The process of exporting emoji can be implemented via tg-bot, but I don’t yet know how to then implement these emoji in anytype.
:sweat_drops: :sweat_drops: :sweat_drops:
upd: I think the emoji system in telegram is the best now and anytype needs exactly the same! (or at least the ability to expand the existing range of emoji from tg)

Hi you can show emoji picker via cmd + e command

???, how does that relate to the idea?

I imagine your request is about stickers and animated stickers to give a different vibe to your notes? Where do you expect stickers to show up? in-text?

Would the following be workable alternatives for you?
After uploading gif or stickers, you can reuse it everywhere.

You can probably use ‘stickers’ with icons, like the below suggestion, if you have access to the file.


I mean using telegram stickers wherever you can use regular emoji (in text and as an icon).

The problem with the above ideas is that no one will want to upload stickers one at a time. It would be convenient if it was possible to upload emoji sets from tg, and there was a function of associations with other emoji like in tg

I did not get your idea at first, you are speaking about animated emojis and custom emojis. We can explore this idea when we will approach to social use case for Anytype, also it may be nice thingy for community code contribution as well.


Of course, it’s too early to think about it now, but it seems important to have written it down)

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