Add sync status indication and info

I know this was discussed previously on Telegram, but I think it should be here for ongoing discussion, voting, and updates.

Currently the sync process is very opaque, by which I mean it works, but it’s not clear when it’s doing anything, what the status of the process might be, whether there are any errors, etc.

It would be really nice to have a clear and simple indicator of sync status (Roam has a little dot icon that turns yellow when things haven’t been synced, and green when all is synced). Further to that it would be great to be able to click and open this up (e.g. a dropdown info box) for more detailed sync status such as last sync time, size of data synced, transfer speed if sync is currently happening, number of pages/changes left to sync, number of devices being synced to (ideally with IDs of some kind and ability to revoke?), etc. Something like what Google Sync or Dropbox show you, perhaps, or again, as demonstrated by Roam.

Here’s an example from Roam:


We are currently working on it. It’ll be implemented in two weeks. Thank you for your sharing!


It would be essential for sync status to fully indicate if everything is synced?
I.e overall sync status
And providing more useful info total synced objects, files and media etc…