Add "Slide" block & support "Present" mode

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I often need to prepare presentations internally or to my clients. Depending on different people or different topics, the preparation ideas and the displayed content are different. Sometimes it is necessary to use various complex elements such as shapes, pictures, animations, switching effects, etc. to make a professional and exquisite presentation. Sometimes, “less is more”, just use simple text plus pictures or videos for elegant typesetting.

Usually, I use PowerPoint for both complex or simple presentations and xmind for brainstorming with it’s presentation mode. These professional tools can meet my daily work needs, but these are file-based, I need to find the corresponding file every time, and then open the file to view or present. I did not find a satisfactory full-text search solution for these documents in my computer.

So I started trying to use notion to organize and present presentations. I tried notion-enhancer, which has an extension that can enable focus mode, but that’s not real presentation mode. I wonder if Anytype can support the “Present” mode.

Describe the solution you’d like

Add a “Slide” block, as a container, in which you can add other types of blocks, such as text, pictures, videos, etc.

And add the “Slides” type to organize the slides and support the “Present” mode of “Slides”.

I created a new type of “Slides”, and then used it to build a presentation by referring to the website of anytype, see picture below. I inserted 4 “Slide” blocks, and added text and pictures for typesetting. I hope these texts, pictures and other more types of blocks can also be directly referenced from other existing pages without having to create new ones every time.

When entering the presentation mode, except for the content of the slide block, all other content and UI are hidden, including all windows UI, and enter the real presentation mode just like Power Point. Then I can do a presentation like the current Anytye website, or a similar experience.


Sounds like a great case for a plugin to me!

@Oshyan Whether as a plugin or a standard feature, hope that this feature can be implemented in the future. :smiley:

@Oshyan Maybe we should move this feature request to “Plugin-and-Extension-Ideas”?