Add proxy settings for company users

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

As there is no notification if a connection is available, i see a “synced” on the top right but nothing happens. I am pretty sure this is because of my company network. I can’t ask my admin to unblock the app or to open some ports for me, so this is not a solution for a lot of people.

Describe the solution you’d like

Add the possibility to add a proxy. For example for signal i created a .cmd with:

set "HTTP_PROXY=http://proxy:3128"
START "" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\Programs\signal-desktop\Signal.exe" --start-in-tray

or for Element Desktop a ,cmd with

START "" "%LOCALAPPDATA%\riot-web\Element.exe" --proxy-server=http://proxy:3128

Additional context

Later on something in the UI would be nice as well, but the ability to do something like that would be plenty for now.

@Yoda6 Maybe thats something for you as well?


I second this feature request as I am having the same problem.

  • I am not able to sync at all when I am in the company office
  • I am able to sync when I am working from home only by disabling the VPN.

And it is a shame as I would really love to use Anytype also at work.


I live in Iran
same here, sometimes there is problem to sync my notes

thanks in advance

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Are there any news on this? Not being able to add proxy settings is a real issue. Thanks!

Well, this should be resolved to some extent by our Anysync infrastructure with the Beta version, because it will use more standard ports. Furthermore by self-hosting protocols, which will be possible sometime during Beta.

Having the same problem on my company laptop. Could you just support system proxy settings?

Also need this!

Any updates on this feature ? Can’t use the app half of the day without it.

Some features of Anytype may not work properly in some areas due to internet blocking (e.g. bookmarking youtube, twitter and some other blocked sites).

It would be great to add the ability to set proxies manually (e.g. socks5, http, https…)