Add option to wrap/unwrap code block

Option to wrap/unwrap a code block like in Notion would be very useful for the code that contains long lines and comments. For now, the code line just continues on the line below and the code can get messy to read.


@danijelcamdzic Thank you for your feedback!

We will think about the best solution and implement it in future releases.

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There is also a difference in the way in which code blocks are rendered in the android app and the desktop app. Android app currently never wrap the code blocks and the desktop app always wraps the code block. It would be great to have this feature so the user can choose which block to wrap and which should not consistently between their platforms :grinning:

@danijelcamdzic Wrap and Unwrap option is available in the recent versions of the desktop app :tada: The Android app always displays them unwrapped and I think it is for the best given their small display.

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