Add one-letter/number keyboard "shortcut".

The best example I can think of is how Hey email have it.


What would you want these shortcuts to do? Presumably they would only work if no block is currently selected for editing. Seems reasonable to me in that case, though I’m fine with Ctrl/Shift/Alt shortcuts personally.

Ah, I meant as a more general and broader implementation. I don’t mind Ctrl/Shift/Alt, but if there can be one-letter wherever possible, even better. Sort of saying, let there be keyboard shortcuts/hotkeys wherever there can be any! :grin:

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I keep finding myself in Notion, selecting a block and wanting to press a “key” to turn the block into a code block or a heading block, but instead, I have to go over to “Turn into” and then select the block I need. Those kind of shortcuts I mean.

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@ichimga As long as the shortcut only engages when a block is fully selected, this seems like a good idea generally, I think.

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