Add Image Cropping functionality

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

As a new user, I want to upload and crop a profile picture in AnyType( win10), so that only the cropped aspect of the image is shown and not the background / default centering.

Describe the solution you’d like


Before the profile image is set, a modal appears with cropping functionality. (passive)

After the profile image is set, an icon appears which allows to the image to be cropped in a modal. (active)

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

A user currently has to use external image editors( gimp,, photoshop etc) to crop the photo and then upload.

Additional context

This may to apply to all image uploaders.

P.S Is the source code / community contributions available in the Alpha? I’ve onboarded today :grinning:


@PGrzelak The source code is not available yet :sweat_smile: