Add download option to the menu file type objects

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The only way to currently download a file on Android is if the file is linked somewhere. You can then long click on it to open a menu and download it from there. There is no such option if you open the file directly, from a relation, for instance.

Describe the solution you’d like
Add an option to download a file from either the hamburger menu or from long clicking on the file in the canvas.

@Filip do you mean that you have to select the block via this method to see the download option? Just want to make sure I (and possibly others) understand the issue/request correctly.

  1. Open an Object
  2. Add a file (for example using “/file”)
  3. Long press to select the block with the file
  4. Use the “Download” option to download the file

This is NOT possible if you:

  1. Open an Object
  2. Add a Relation of Type “File”
  3. Add a file to the Relation
  4. Open the Relation and then open the file
  5. Now there is no way to download the file

To clarify your request: you would like to have a Download button added in the second option?

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Exactly. I’ve added a bunch of books in a set under the file type relation and I can’t access them since epubs don’t work at the moment on Android.

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I think the file management in Anytype is being overhauled/redesigned in general, but these kind of FR’s should definitely push the devs in the right direction :slight_smile:

Off-topic question for a potentially new FR: you mention “long press” to select the block, but if I long press a block, it is “grabbed” to be moved around on the page. This is great for rearranging blocks, but I usually need to use the circle with three dots to select the block to be able to pull up the menu for that block (I hope this is clear enough to understand). It would be nice if the block is selected if you “long pressed” the block but did not move around. Do you experience the same behavior and do you like my suggestion?

I like the current behavior when it comes to long pressing the block to move it around. I’ts pretty fast and easy to move blocks this way. The only problem with the three dots method is that sometimes you can’t put the cursor on that line, for instance, in the case with files. Maybe there should be another method to open that menu?

That’s is actually what I mean : if you long press to move, but you don’t move and then release, it should select that block the same way you would have if you place the cursor in a block and use the circle with three dots.

Yeah, something like that should work.