Add deeplinking for every note so that they can be accessed from outside the app

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One of my key methods for organizing is keeping everything in one place. If I’m going to enter data into AnyType, then I’d like to be able to link to it from my other apps. A deep link or URL scheme would be perfect for that.

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Something like,


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The only other alternative is to keep everything in AnyType and put my links to other stuff from there. However, I don’t fancy that method. Notion has weblinks, so I’m still edging towards using them more than AnyType as of now.

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Based on my observations and the progress of Anytype, my two cents is that the official release should not happen before 2023 or even later… And your suggestion, although very useful, will probably not be a priority.

Considering that Anytype respects its commitments, it is conceptually the best compromise for data management, but it remains a long term project.

It is also good to remember that nobody should place any valuable data in an Alpha nor Beta service/soft/app. An early development is always risky for data retention and users should only use it to push the limits of the possibilities and to find bugs in order to reach the stability and security stage of an official release, unfortunately a lot of people use it the wrong way at their own risk.

Unfortunately, I would advise you to stay on Notion for the moment, while being aware of Notion’s risky limitations too.


As Anytype is focused on objects, would deep linking to Objects be even more useful? Linking similar to OneNote’s linking setup (linking to sections, pages or paragraphs) would be great.

Edit: rereading your request it is not entirely clear to what kind of objects (pages, objects, all) you would like to link.

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If they can make a deeplink to any object, that would be helpful. As long as they have a unique, immutable id for each one that will be used in the URL scheme, then it doesn’t matter


One thing I am wondering, isn’t this feature against the current philosophy of being a secure, offline app where your thoughts are your own?

Maybe I don’t understand the concept of deep linking but one of the things I don’t like about Notion is how it is on the web and you can acces any notes with the link (which is so long it’s probably realy secure but it doesn’t feel right).


Nope, this will not be the case because it has nothing to do with security. You can have deep linking for either offline nor online use. This means that in an offline mode, if you click on a Deep link URL from another software of yours, this link will open automatically in the app instead of let say your browser.

This will be for example very useful when Anytype will officialize the multiplayer mode. We could link to a specific nested Object or even block (with Blocks URL Scheme) of an object publicly or privately shared.

Something like:




You cannot just access any Notion’s pages with a link to it. This page had to be publicly or privately shared in order to be accessible with a link. A deep link gives only access to content that is accessible according to the privileges you grant it. But anyway Anytype is encrypted, so if you don’t even intend to share some of your data there is no concern at all.


@treadmill could you check to what extent this feature request is the same as yours? To me they seem quite similar, but you as OP might have a better feeling for whether this other topic matches your request:

Obsidian has something similar. The three-dot menu within a document has an option called “Copy Obsidian URL”, which when clicked from outside the app will open the aforementioned document in Obsidian.

E.g obsidian://open?vault=Vault%201&file=Test%20document%20test%20document%20link

Anytype, instead, uses IPFS content address to locate objects, not the filename within the filesystem like Obsidian. Thus, it might make sense to use the content identifier to create these deeplinks.

Not the OP, but I think what the original post is asking for the ability to link Anytype Objects outside of the app, while the similar issue you linked appears to be asking for the ability to link specific blocks within an object inside of the app. It’s similar but I don’t exactly think these are similar enough to merge.

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I would prefer deeplinking to something immutable like a content identifier rather than a file name, so it would be cool for AnyType to implement that.

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
The ability to link to headers of the note so users are able to click the link to read/modify the contents under the header.

Describe the solution you’d like
There are two solutions in my mind:

  1. Like other note-taking applications (e.g., obsidian), input the symbol for linking (@ for Anytype; [[ for obsidian) to list all objects, and then input the symbol # to list the headers of a specific object to link to. (Please go to the end of the post for example of this solution)

  2. Making headers as a new object type like task object but with a header style instead of the task style. And then users will be able to link to a header just like linking to a task object. (No example)

I personally think solution 1 is more straightforward from a traditional note-taking user’s perspective. However, solution 2 is more close to the Anytype’s concept.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
I can think about an alternative solution that was taken from the Notion application’s idea. That is, giving a block an URL/URI, and then users will be able to use the URL/URI to link to a specific block. However, to my experience with Notion, this is not good UX, because there will be a lot of step to go to do a linking. (Example are as below.)

(ALSO, the craft can do both solutions but a bit different, the example is as below.)

Additional context

  • Example of solution 1 (obsidian-like internal linking):

CleanShot 2022-08-27 at 14.12.47

  • There is no example for solution 2 because Anytype is the only object-based note-taking application.

  • Example of the alternative solution (Notion-like linking to block/header):

CleanShot 2022-08-27 at 14.21.49

  • Craft Note can do both solutions:

CleanShot 2022-08-27 at 14.28.43