"Add cover" if cover is already set

I have added a cover few weeks ago (and it is still here).

Maybe button should be called “Modify cover” or similar

@wemiprog Hi! I can’t understand the problem. Don’t you change the image?

@Kirill_Lem I believe what @wemiprog is saying is that the cover option still says “Add Cover” even after a cover is already “added”. They are, I think, suggesting it should change to “Modify cover” or “Change cover image” or something, once a cover image has already been added.

@Oshyan exactly. Everything works fine, but I suggest a label change for the state of "cover already added":sweat_smile:

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@wemiprog @Kirill_Lem It would probably be good to have a specific tag here for “text issue” or “label issue” or something. This is common in general QA testing (my background prior to support management).


@Oshyan Thank you for clarification)

@wemiprog I have added your suggestion to development.

@wemiprog this seems to be updated to always say “change cover” on Android. Could you check whether that resolves your issue? If so, please mark this topic as solved :slight_smile: .