Add apple silicon support / ARM build

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

in order to get better battery life,much faster app launch ,faster in app reactivity

Describe the solution you’d like

either an ARM build separately or universal binary with both x86 and ARM


@avi I think developers have mentioned …their main priority is to first develop the important features and make it available across all devices… and later maybe they will work on native apps

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@Tanzeel098 :100:

@Tanzeel098 makes sense,thks

It’s an electron app. That means the code base is shared between all desktop platforms. Additionally, they use Golang for the desktop app.

Go and Electron support ARM64. If they use a recent version of both, they should be able to support it without much effort.

Some resources:


Second this. I would gladly test this alongside the x86 build.

I do get the maintenance burden of another build might not be worth it at this point, though.

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The Apple Silicon support seems to have been added with the 0.23.x update, although other ARM systems do not appear to be supported. This issue (probably) can be safely closed.

arm native ? idts man