Add an option to change the width of relations

Please add an option to change the width of relations in sets in android, I cant see all the tags or objects in tag type and object type respectively. Also not complete due dates, they are cut due to size!

For example i have a task and i have to do it in the following few days, so i have a relation of object type for that task where i list three objects which are dates basically…so i can see only the first date, rest all objects are cut! Well obviously if i tap it, it opens a a small view where i can see all the objects linked but to see it directly in the set view eases the task

OS: Android 12L
Anytype Version: 0.8.2

Please add screenshots to better visualize what you are meaning.

Which version are you running?

i dont prefer to share my personal data, but i can describe it better in my post, wait i will update it

Would creating a test object be an option? like I did in the video I just posted in another topic that you created.

okay i will try to do that

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