Add an existing object to a Set

I have a Set S of Objects of Type T, and I can add new Ts to S using the set’s interface. But if I have an existing T that I want to add to S, I can’t figure out how to do that. Help?


Simple change the object type

Here I can change the page belonging to “Draft Set” to any other set.

@beaucronin A set should display all the objects of the Type it is made of, if not, it is a bug. Kindly check if there is any filter applied which prevents the existing type from getting displayed. Also a screen record of the issue would help the devs if this is an issue

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@lynxlove Ah - you are indeed correct. The object that I was expecting to see was still of type Draft; once I change it to the correct type it did indeed show up in the Set as expected. Thank you!!