Add ability to indent blocks on Android with buttons

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Android app currently doesnot have an forward indent or backward indent.

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have them in the style option or like obsidian where they appear when the keyboard app is raised.


I also miss this feature in Android.

Maybe have it as a swipe-in gesture from the left/right edges (for right/left indentation, respectively), with real-time visual feedback (highlighting the affected Block) and option to cancel by swiping back off screen (in case user starts moving the wrong Block - which might happen when dealing with vertically short one-line Blocks).


After the 0.4.0 update for Android, indenting blocks has been made a bit easier by dragging a block under or on top of another block. However, you can’t indent the current block that you’re editing without selecting another block, long-pressing on it, then dragging it to the desired indentation, as long-pressing just brings up the text style editor.

A button, or as qualquertipo mentioned, a gesture to indent and outdent on mobile is a feature which is essential for a block-style editor. Most apps (Notion, Craft) which I am familiar with on mobile devices use a button, but a gesture may also work well.


Indent was available earlier through scroll and move, I think.

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You can move a block inside another to indent it, move it outside to outdent it on android

A direct approach like it is available in logseq, or how apple notes does that swiping the bullet o the right or to the left not just moving. Moving would work great when multiple items be indented or outdent.
Dedicated indent/ outdent is quicker and intuitive.
Or like Apple notes way.

Maybe title can be changed to emphasize that clearly.
Dedicated indent/outdent quick action or button

A dedicated indent button is desperately needed. The existing solution is difficult and confusing to use. Sometimes I’m able to get it working after a few tries, but sometimes I am unable to indent no matter how many attempts I make.


@colin8 I’m happy that the current implementation exists to move blocks around, but I agree it is too finicky to easily in- and outdent and that a dedicated button would make this a lot easier.

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Having a dedicated button on screen for this would be ideal, as this is a very important functionality (especially once “every block is a toggle” :crossed_fingers: is implemented).

Gestures are nice, but not always work well depending on situation/context (also sometimes they conflict with OS wide gestures).

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Though apple notes like gestures would be welcome