Add a status label to Feature requests titles

Currently the main way to know what features is officially planned is to consult the periodically updated topic about Anytype roadmap.
I think that a lot of research and topics could be made more efficient and save everyone’s time if a legend (only applied by the staff) accompanied the requests already considered and planned.

I think that the concerned topics should have a common emoticon at the top of the title.

Here is a suggestion:

:clipboard: Feature request title [Planned]
:pushpin: Feature request title [In progress]

Periodically consult the Anytype’s roadmap topic.

Additional context
I also suggest that the roadmap topic be renamed in order to display and explain this legend.

The biggest problem is the users who don’t go to the roadmap and waste time to all the intensity of their expectations in a feature request they just consulted, which makes it go up in the hierarchy of topics when it is already planned but this information is not visible anywhere on the topic.