Add a "sidebar" for viewing/editing multiple pages at once

I use Roam and Roam-like tools (e.g. Logseq, Obsidian) and one feature they have that I really love and miss when using many other tools (like Notion) is the “sidebar”. What this lets you do is open one or more additional pages alongside a current, “main” one. You typically just hold Shift and click a page link and it opens on the right, rather than in the main content. Here’s a screenshot, although I’m sure most people are familiar with it by now:

The way I imagine this working in Anytype is the default “narrow” width page version would just open in a UI pane to the right of the UI, just like in Roam. And ideally it would allow having multiple pages open like that, shown linearly in order of when they were opened, one above the other, obviously with some separator, maybe some controls at the top of each page (e.g. close view of page).

Additionally it would be brilliant if blocks could be dragged-and-dropped between the “main” content area and the sidebar!

Logseq is free and so is a good way to test this functionality and get some ideas how it might best work:


+1, love that idea :slight_smile:


This could be interesting if you could put up a file in the sidebar and then have another page as the other section of the screen. It might allow you to take notes on something you have in the sidebar, which I can see as a potentially very useful feature for students :slight_smile:



I usually use obsidian and the panel system is great for having multiple documents at the same time, on computer screens a lot of space is wasted on the sides.

It is also interesting to have an outline panel, which helps a lot with long documents.

I think a mix of notion and obsidian would be great.


There is a very useful plugin in obsidian that is very useful to work on multiple documents at the same time.

It would be great to have it in anytype.

In the link there is a video to see how it works.

It can be used with the shift key and the mouse wheel and is very fast.


@javiavid thank you for your feedback!

I have merged it into the similar discussion


@Oshyan +1

That would be good. Though I’d rather have the option of opening an arbitrary number of panes, which can be resized and repositioned freely. RemNote does this very well.


Indeed, a good system (like RemNote or Obsidian) for handling multiple panes (arbitrary number) would be great, it just seems like a much bigger request/amount of work. But as long as we’re considering big ideas/options, I think Craft Docs has some nice UI/UX for this:


I’m way late to the party here, but I just came across this and wanted to add that I would also love to see a feature like this. It would help a ton.

Currently I find myself copying and pasting info that I want to reference / have open into OneNote, just so I can avoid jumping between closing and re-opening stuff to check details. It’s doable, but it feels like there could be a much better solution


To expand on this, Tana has a great and simple system for panes.

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Hope to see it in the future