Add a search function for sets to search within them only

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

We should be able to search a specific set while looking at the set (excluding things not in the set while searching)

Describe the solution you’d like

Something like the search bar in the notion databases would be nice.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

Having a way to filter search by type in the general search bar ?

Additional context

To put this into context and show why I think this is usefull : I use my anytype to keep a knowledge base for my practice as an ER physician but I also keep a journal and a case-book with some of my interesting cases. So a lot of my objects have similar names but serve very different functions in my life and this can clutter the search and sometimes make it a bit harder to find the right object.


In addition to what Notion already has and what OP suggests, I think it would be nice for the search bar to also search the contents of each Object in a Set, if possible.

For example:
Let’s say I have a Set of recipes that doesn’t have a relation about specific ingredients as they are listed in the contents area. Recipe title is also pretty vague. I want to search from the Set which recipes needs eggplant because I have an excess of eggplants about to go bad soon. I think this would be very useful.

Another use case I’m thinking of is a physical container index to easily sort my things and easily find them.

I have varied experiences using different database types (MySQL, SAP, Access, Excel, Notion) but so far, none have been able to do it.

Thanks, Anytype team!


It would indeed be great to have a full content search if search gets added to sets

For your receipe example, you can achieve the same currently with a ingredients relation which takes a list of ingredients used in the dish and then use a filter to only display items matching the criteria :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I have a request for that here if you want to vote.


I have a similar request for this. In my request I suggest having the search be per column (giving additional precision).

Should we merge?


@Oshyan Would you mind merging the mentioned threads? I also wanted to suggest this feature, but I was quite sure that there already is a thread for this (and in fact there are multiple). However, those threads were hard to find and maybe if there is only a single thread for this topic, it helps.

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@LeoWarnow In these situations the staff explained to me that it is necessary to flag the incriminated Topics by indicating the related URLs of the said related topics, so that all the staff will be able to see it. It is not necessary to mention staff in a topic reply. :wink:


Be able to search sets using command-f as well instead of just being able to search pages

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