Add a relation, that allows for a date range / duration / period

Hi, I’m new here and hope I do this feature request correctly. I searched and didn’t find any other request for the same thing


ᅟAdd a date range to an object instead of just a date


Have a new type of relationship, date range


Abilty to select start and end dates, I was trying to list my past and upcoming travels and wanted to add the first and last day as a date range. When the calendar view will be available, then the objects with date range would appear over the time period (as it would in say, google calendar). A day count would be a bonus (ie: Sept 22, 2022 - Sept 26, 2022 incl = 5 days). Another use case would be for tasks, projects etc, afaik we can for now only add a date (ie due date).


ᅟI have considered adding 2 dates to my object, a start date and an end date, with the date field. But then it will not appear in the future calendar view as a range and it will not be considered as a period of time


Somewhat related to the Calendar view & Timeline view


Hey @patriciabt,
welcome in the forum. I also thought about something similar a few days ago.
I think it would make sense to create a new type of relation with two date pickers.
Good to see this in a request :+1:

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I also request this here

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oh thanks, indeed I searched for “date range” and “period” but didn’t for “duration” :sweat_smile:
so should I delete it or?

Not sure… My post is quite old, and messy.

Yours is more to the point.

A mod can merge mine into yours. That way votes go to a single place

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Edit: After I posted this I realized if you click on the header for the date relation you can choose to show time as well, which is great! However I’d like to keep my post for the time picker request, as well as the request for having a more complex/flexible way to specify “moments” and durations.

I’d like to be able to add a Time or Duration relation which is not just numeric. It should limit the value to a valid time (ex. 13:12) or duration (ex. 2h 41m 1s) value, with a picker. Basically the same way Date works, but for time and duration.

I did search for this in the forum, but couldn’t find it. It seems like the kind of thing someone would have asked for before though… If that’s the case please let me know!


Ideally I’d like to be able to have a more general “flexible” type of relation for temporal relations, which potentially contains all possible measures of time (CENTURY/DECADE/YEAR/MONTH/DAY/HOUR/MINUTE/SECOND), and would allow me to choose what parts of the time/duration I want to include in my object type.

Some examples for date (which should really be called “Moment” or something like this):

  • if I just want a simple date, I’d pick HOUR:MINUTE
  • if I want to mention a historical event broadly, I might pick YEAR

. If I want to add when an event would happen, I might want YEAR/MONTH/DAY/HOUR:MINUTE

Same for duration:

  • if I’m talking about geological timeframes, I could pick CENTURIES
  • if I’m just measuring a running sprint, I might just want SECONDS
  • someone might go crazy and want to be able to specify duration from CENTURY all the way to SECONDS

Note this would essentially mean that the traditional Date and Time relation types would be achieved by this single type of relation called “Moment”.

Anyway, I digress. I’d be happy with a simple time and duration picker. :slight_smile:


@qualquertipo I merged your post here.
I also adjusted the title to reflect the words used in both topics. So hopefully that will help other users finding this one.

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A duration field without a specific date is something I’d also be interested in. Airtable has a duration field as an example for how this could be implemented:

The description in this topic is specificity looking for a duration over a particular date period but the more relevant looking topic for a non-date based duration was closed and merged into this one (Add "Time" and "Duration" as types of relation (hours:minutes:seconds) - #7 by turquiseblue) which is why I’m adding this comment here.


I think this FR is now more important because of the new Calendar View. Time and start + end dates along with Moving Objects and Color Labels are the basic features that I need in order to start using the calendar.

@patriciabt could you add the details about the “time” relation type? I’ll go ahead and vote for the topic, as I’m looking for both things, but there is only one post about both issues now.