Adapting to offline / self-hosted data storage [backups, etc]

I spent my first decades in computing entirely offline so I’m surprised that I’m scratching my head here to decide what final steps I need to take before parting ways with my previous, web hosted application.

My understanding is that if I forget my passphrase and don’t have a backup, all my data becomes inaccessible.
My second understanding is that the only way to make a backup is with the Export feature. It’s a great feature, especially because it uses open standards which can be imported by almost any other apps. But it loses many AnyType-specific details including some text formatting. That’s not good enough as a backup, since reimporting would still mean an insurmountable amount of work to manually correct.

So what precautions can I take to ensure what I hope will be a lifetime of using AnyType doesn’t run into catastrophe?

Seems like you have a few different concerns.
If you want to stick with Anytype, definitely backup your passphrase. I use Bitwarden for that and I also backup my Bitwarden data often.
If leaving Anytype is your problem, then export is the only thing you can use. Depending on the method and the new app, some data might or might not be lost.
If you just want to backup your Anytype data you can backup your anytype2 folder for now. Hopefully we get a better method in the future.


Thanks, having it pinned down to two steps like you describe is really helpful. I didn’t know what was in the anytype2 folder.

I take it that the contents are encrypted and only useful if I can 1) import it back in and 2) have my passphrase.

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Your anytype2 folder is your app folder, so everything is there. For importing your data, you would just replace your current anytype2 folder with the backed up version.The data is encrypted, but I’m not sure if the app would still prompt you to re-enter your passphrase if you were already logged in previously. Backing up your anytype2 folder is more for backing up your Anytype data just in case it gets lost somehow or corrupted.