Active drag handle shows on object title, discription and page type even tho they can't be reordered

This is a super minor thing so probably not worth prioritising but I thought I’d write it up so you were aware of it for some point in the future when you setting time aside to do some UI/UX polishing.

The drag handle shows on hover for the title, description and page type sections of a object even though none of them can be reordered:


I think ideally it shouldn’t show at all but alternatively it could show up as greyed out some something so that it doesn’t look the same as a drag handle for a block in the body of an object which can be reordered:

Additional info

I couldn’t find any other topics that describe this issue in the search. Sorry if I missed something!

Anytype and device technical details

Device: computer-hostname.lan
OS version: darwin arm64 13.2.1
App version: 0.33.3
Build number: build on 2023-07-18 21:58:21 +0000 UTC from at #087b1bff0634dc85980f1fb0cd8fcff4512e960c(v0.27.15)
Library version: v0.27.15
Account ID: A7jEYifY7VxjfYu18ucLydmd3rRQnwcdEyHGVvc8Y7D2TnWC
Analytics ID: 1491a2c4-5805-4f43-9064-b12896b694de
Device ID: A9ThSEMCYsXBvTqcsMi1tkqTaBZfMQixdAsHMMWnvSWtqG4d

Clicking on this button brings out the option to change text and background colour, so it is not functionless… but perhaps something can be done to distinguish movable or non-movable.

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Oh I see! I missed that bit of functionality, thanks. Well in that case it definably makes sense to show something. Even if it was visually the same I think the cursor should probably be changed become currently it shows the hand cursor when hovering over it which is used to indicate that and object can be dragged:

(excuse the physical screenshot, I can’t take a digital screenshot that includes the cursor)

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