'Action' Object Layout Request - Gantt Timeline View for The Dated Object

I haven’t found a similar one for this request. But if there is redundancy that I am unaware, please let me know.

Timeline view/mode would be a nice addition for Anytype. I am a long-time user of Quire, so I kinda miss the versatility to manage and adjust tasks Quire style.

I’ll put this notion video of their timeline view here as well as a similar context


I think that’s about it, for now, I guess.

Cheers, y’all :smile:


There is one for timeline here: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/1576

but not as verbose as your request :smile:

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@lynxlove Yes, I already found that post before, and I think my definition of ‘timeline’ is especially for the Gantt timeline, unlike the one in that post you mentioned.

The flexibility to manage the object to be in a certain layout on a canvas is really powerful in Anytype. And relation can act as metadata that exists as an object itself. I see a lot of potential in this data classification model.

Adding the multiple layout modes as I mentioned in the third point, will make Anytpe a functional Project Management Tool. Add that in a set, and you got a powerful Project Dashboard.

For now, I can make a Task list view with Sets in Anytype with customized task info which is great. There is a Kanban view that is requested as I reckon, and I eagerly wait for that to be realized as well. Lastly, I also want the Gantt Timeline view to be normalized in this platform as well.


+1 for this

I use notion as a kanban primarily, which I can switch to timeline/gantt view. That’s my entire use case. I use it as a work planner, not a wiki.

Hopefully Anytype will get notion’s database functionality or similar at some point, but for now I’ll be sticking with notion until the import will bring in the database with relations and functionailty.


+1 here as well!

AnyType’s current infrastructure for knowledge capture, linking and actioning is amazing and besides a calendar view (which will be very useful) I think I will actually get more use out of a Gantt chart for detailed project and team management.

+1! Great Idea, Kandanu