Action Layout reverts to unchecked in Sets

Describe the bug
I have a set of Object Type ‘Articles’, with the ‘Action’ Layout. After marking as checked, navigating to a different page and coming back to the set, I notice that the action layout is marked as unchecked again.

This does not happen if there is an action layout marked checked in pages outside of sets

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Go to a set of object types ( articles in my case) with Action Layout
  2. Mark Action Layouts as checked from the Sets
  3. Navigate to a different page and come back
  4. Action layout reverts back to being unchecked

Expected behavior
Once checked, it should stay checked- as seems to be the behavior outside of the Sets
System Information:

  • OS: MacOS
  • Anytype Version: e.g. 0.21.5

@abheek Hi! It was fixed. Please, check in the latest version

Yes it seems to be fixed now. just played around with it.


Appreciate the work