Accent color options

Current scenario

Currently Yellow Color seems to be default accent color.

solution I’d like

A Change of accent color to black and others options.


Could you share a screenshot of what you are trying to say. I am unable to follow.

This should show it clearly.

@Srinath Even for highlighted option via slash command is yellow.

Ahh, so this is what you are talking about. It should be fairly easy to change as the same colour is used everywhere, but this is more of a novelty feature, so I don’t know if the devs would allow for micro customizations.

Difference it makes when placed side by side with craft is huge (atleast for me). The feel changes drastically.

Yes, so just to be clear, you are referring to the accent color of the UI, not of the content or blocks, right?

I don’t know the team’s intentions here, but I would guess that yellow was chosen because it is highly visible and makes clear where your cursor is and when options become available. It is not easy to mistake for part of the content or formatting. Black might not be so clear, for example a black line in the above screenshot would look like a Horizontal Rule.

That said, I know there is interest having options for the UI color scheme and/or themes. Whether this will be implemented in the core app I am not sure, but I suspect someone will make it happen once Anytype is available as open source.

@Oshyan If by analogy we could see how notion or craft handles, it is that they change the color into blue on notion making it differentiate from becoming the horizontal Rule.

@Srinath Yes, I understand.

@Oshyan Horizontal Rule in current anytype is subtle enough that people won’t mistake the color change with line divider.