About those invitations!

Hi all — small break from tradition with a quick update.

We’ve received a large amount of feedback from you about the alpha program, so this would be a good time to correct some misinformation and clarify a few things.

First, this whole community is fantastic. I can’t imagine there are many other software projects in early alpha with such an engaged group. As a community, we must remain patient and kind with each other right now. I often feel computers were designed for the exact opposite, so sometimes we all need a reminder!

About the alpha.

When you signed up for the alpha, we asked you to complete a survey. The purpose of the survey is to find users who can test the features we’re currently building. Not all features or platforms are available currently. If you were hoping to test databases on iPadOS, for example, then we can’t accommodate you right now.

Of course we sort by date. Assuming you meet the criteria above, the earlier you sign up, the earlier you’ll receive an invite. Again, if you’re hoping to test a feature we’re not testing yet, then I’m sorry, you’ll have to continue waiting.

This is a long way of saying it’s not random. I apologise for misrepresenting the program that way. We’ve purposely kept information about the program vague. Historically, we’ve observed that more transparency means higher churn rates. This is because users are signing up to test a product which doesn’t yet have the features they need. When they stop using the product, this impacts the internal usage metrics that we use for development. In short: churn causes delays.

By June, everyone who has already completed the survey will be offered a place on the program, regardless of the answers they provided. It might be that the Anytype with web clipper whiteboard for iPadOS you were hoping for isn’t yet available, but you’ll still have access to the latest and greatest. coughdarkmodedatabasescough

So that’s it! Let’s all continue to be lovely to each other, and I look forward to meeting you all this spring during one of our onboarding calls.