About Storage & Sync

Hello, I’m a new user who has just started using Anytype. While using it, I have some questions about data storage and sync. I’ve just started importing documents, but it seems like 1GB will be filled up quickly. Is there anyone who can help?

Connection/Access Device List
Mac 1
iPad 1 (only read)
iPhone 1 (only read)
Desktop (Windows) 1

About Remote Storage

  1. Does it initially save to the local storage? When accessing from other devices, does it sync with the data on the local storage? I’m curious about how the files saved locally can be synchronized with other devices.

  2. I have a question after reading your guide. Which of the following meanings is correct?

Remote Storage
You can store up to 1GB of your files on your encrypted backup node for free. If you reach the limit, files will be stored only locally.

a. Up to 1GB is stored in Anytype’s Storage, and from 1GB onwards, it’s saved in the individual’s local storage.
b. Up to 1GB is stored in Anytype’s Storage, which means it’s automatically synced, and from 1GB onwards, it’s not automatically synced.