About some useless files


When anytype first started testing.

I failed to import data from notion.This may be the worst decision I made.

After that,

a large number of web pages appeared on my search page,

but the imported data was not completed and could not be used.

And these data are huge.

Looking at these pages is too uncomfortable.

I decided to sort it out.

So I directly archive.

Manual page by page operation, first delete the content on the page, and then archive the page.

The archive work took me a day,

but I found that there is still a lot on the search page.

Also, now when I open the archive page, it’s a bit stuck.

The progress bar can’t move either.

Sometimes there is no response directly.

This may be caused by too much archive data.

I have uploaded the video。

By the way,

there is a block on the homepage that seems to be displayed in sync all the time, and it cannot be clicked.

I demonstrated in the video.


Then, I archived some pages just now.

Now, when I open the archive, it freezes without responding and cannot do anything.

Including android.:joy:

Are you into writing poems, by any chance?


Also, there is the same situation of app being stucked in Android

@vova_ermolaev yes

We added an issue to our bug tracker and starting to figure out how to solve the problem.

Thank you for your help

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Do you still have problems with that?

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