Ability to underline text

It’s not the most used, but essential feature when needed.

Single, double any type of underlines for page text

I’d personally need it for academic work and note-taking.

that’s it.


I definitely want to see single underline! I seldom see double underline as a feature in any text editor, so I don’t especially need it myself. But as long as it would not be problematic to implement, or clutter the formatting options, it’s fine to have.



I use underlines all the time when taking notes for my university classes in Notion. Would love to see it implemented to AnyType!


I’ll also mention what I said in chat, which is that it may be the lack of underline derives from the fact that Markdown has no underline support. But I certainly think it should be added regardless.


I think underline is a great idea!

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+1 for underline function and also maybe a double underline

+1 Double underline and a few other features regarding text formatting could be solved once KaTeX is implemented.



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@div3xi Good call. Specialized double underline support seems a bit much, but LaTeX has been a big feature request, and I think is intended for implementation, so it’s nice that it could also address this.

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+1 for underline function, that would be really useful!

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Describe the solution you’d like

As the same way there is an option to bold, italic and strikethrough text, also have the option to underline text.

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Has been already requested :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: kindly upvote that request

As someone on the Discord server mentioned, the underlined text might be confusing for some users, as underlined text is also used to signify a link to another object, or a Web link. I’ve come to offer some of my thoughts and ideas of how underline can be implemented in Anytype, without causing confusion due to the multitude of different functions underlined text can embody.

1. To highlight the Link in a different color
To differentiate underlined text from links, it might be possible to change the color of links to grey (like Notion) or blue (web browsers, and most text editors).

How Notion differentiates web links with underlined text

Or, just like every other web browser and text editor, it could be made blue.

The “outgoing link” icon might also be able to used to clarify which links (web links) will take you out from Anytype. An example of this can be seen in Wikipedia.

However, recoloring links might be visually acceptable for Web URLs, but it does seem a bit too much for links to other pages within Anytype. Therefore…

2. Always show a Icon for a link to Object
I believe the mobile Android application already does this, however, the Desktop applications do not. Just having a small icon that either shows a generic page icon for Objects that lack a cover emoji (before 0.5.0 Android) or a monogram (after 0.5.0) would greatly help to visually differentiate links to Objects from Web links and underlined text.

Desktop - The “Clipboard test” is a link to a object, while the Discord URL is a web link. It’s not easy telling the difference :slight_smile: Having a icon that appears next to all object links (including ones created with @) would be useful for differentiating between different types of links.

Android – the mobile app always uses a monogram to differentiate web links from object links

It appears as if external links are now differentiated from internal links and underlines with a small icon on Desktop 0.23. I’d still recommend changing the color of external links, despite this change.

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