Ability to sort side menu and not have it jumping around with latest moving to the top

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
Instead of having the side menu sorting based on which item is selected last, I’d like the option to sort by name or date (name is ideal but options are nice). Gets annoying with the latest jumping to the top and not having is sorted.

Describe the solution you’d like
Have a sorting option for the side menu. (Name, Date & Latest At Top

Describe alternatives you’ve considered
Have the ability to just turn off jumping to the top and leave them be and they stay where they’re placed.

Additional context
Having the menu moving around is annoying and if I have a great number of times then it’s going to mess up my sorting when they move around on their own.



I completely agree with the need of being able to somehow organize the sidebar, however I really wouldn’t want the section called ‘History’ to be ordered in any other way than, well, chronological order. For the other sections though being able to pick other ways of sorting, or maybe even drag&dropping into a custom order, would help the functionality of said sidebar I believe.

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I guess for me the moving of the menus is distracting but agree history should be chronological but that said, History is something I would rarely use. I would more often select the section I’m working with so I would have History Minimized anyways.