Ability to reorder tag options

This feature request is related to this bug report.

The Problem
When sorting a set by a tag relation, objects are sorted depending on the order of the tag’s options.

At the moment, to change this order, you are required to delete a tag, create a new one (that will be appended to the options [at the bottom of the list]).

Moreover, it would be ideal to be able to manually order certain options (i.e. those which are often used) earlier — especially useful when there exist dozens of different tag options with similar names (and thus searching for specific options, is also rendered inefficient).

The Solution
The ideal solution would be to have the ability to reorder tag options, thus changing the order by which objects are sorted (when a set is sorted by a tag).

Another potential solution (commented by @lynxlove — thank you!) to the former issue above, would be to have the ability to custom sort the order in which tags are displayed, via the “Sort by” menu (in addition to the current “Ascending” and “Descending” options).

The only viable alternative is mentioned above.

Additional context

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Isn’t the In this object a mere suggestion to the user and does not represent any ordering? This is not the case now, as they seem to be considered for the sort from your bug report, but ideally isn’t this how they are supposed to be, just a suggestion to the user? :thinking:

Instead of having a drag handle in the suggestion popup, a custom sort for tags in the sorts menu would be a better alternative in my humble opinion

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Instead of having a drag handle in the suggestion popup, a custom sort for tags in the sorts menu would be a better alternative in my humble opinion

Great idea, had not considered that as a solution — thank you! :grin:

For a different reason (amended to the post above), I still do feel that draggable/moveable options (in the “In this object” menu) would be beneficial; but I can image various scenarios in which your suggestion would be more ideal.
Ultimately, I’d prefer to have both (moveable options + pop-up in Sort field). :sweat_smile:


Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I’m not sure if this feature has already been implemented. But I can’t seem to manually sort the options I’m selecting inside relations such as tags and status.

As you can see, I’m making a rating system and I’ve no way to move the 5-star option to the top of the selection.


Describe the solution you’d like
A clear and concise description of what you want to happen.


I propose a manual handle at the side of the options. You can drag it to change the order of the options. Notion’s selection work like this too.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

A workaround I can think of is writing the selections in order. That way, they’re already sorted (from lowest star to highest star for example).

But I don’t think that it’s flexible. What if you wanted to add more options in the future?

Additional context
I’d like to say I’m just a newbie at this app and I’m still trying to get a good understanding of it. If you guys have any ideas, I’d love to hear it!


Yeah, this is the exact use-case I was looking for.
Initially, my plan was to get around this by naming the column like this:
just so I can get the custom sort order I was needing, but that didn’t seem to work.
I could have done so by having an Alphabetical order instead, but that feels too scuffed for my liking.

It’s unfortunate, but I await eagerly to see if this will get implemented and switch fully to Anytype :heart:


Hopefully this is implemented for status relations too when it gets looked at.