Ability to navigate a Set in table view using the keyboard only

I’d like to be able to edit entries in a Set in table view using only the keyboard (like I would in a spreadsheet application), using arrow keys and tab to jump from one cell to another.


I really like this idea!

The current design strikes a balance between viewing/linking and editing, because we can edit any cell already.

But the navigation is mouse-oriented and the cells in the Name column of the Grid view work mostly as navigation anchors to the object – if you want to edit it, you have to click on the pencil icon.

Your request seems to be aimed at favouring editing over ‘linking’ overall in the Grid view.

Developing upon this, we could talk about two modes of interacting with the Grid view:

  • While in editing mode, the user would be able to navigate and edit any cell’s content with the easiness of an spreadsheet.
  • In the viewing mode the user would interact with the row as a single object, changing focus between them with the keyboard and navigating to the object by clicking anywhere on it.

It makes sense to me that some users, or even the same user at different times, would favour one mode over the other. So it would be nice to be able to toggle between them.

Better yet, this viewing mode/role could be entirely delegated to the List view and the Grid view be focused at editing.


About the role of the Name column in Grid view, see [Should Anytype allow Objects without a Name relation?](Should Anytype allow Objects without a Name relation?)


@thiago_nascimentodf Yeah could be.

On desktop I’m ok with the way it is (pencil icon to edit Name)… Though ideally I’d prefer to simply have all cells be directly editable, and have a “link to Object” icon as a Relation (as you suggested elsewhere), since I don’t like so much the idea of Name being imposed as it is right now.

The set view is very unfriendly to edit.
See Notion.
After a cell has been edited (either with the Enter key or ESC), can you keep the cell selected and then use the arrow keys to move the cursor to the cell you want to edit and then use the Enter key to edit the new cell.
If possible, Shift+Enter should create a row (i.e. create an object under this set).

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