Ability to modify Relation name and type

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Currently, it is unable to make any change to a Relation. Once a Relation is created, it stays there forever - there is no way to rename it or change its type.

Describe the solution you’d like

Make the profile page for a Relation object editable to rename or change its type.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

An alternative method is to make it possible to delete a Relation, so that users can create a new one with corrections.


Same here. Sometimes users (like me) just have typos when naming relations, and it’s a little bit frustrating that we have to establish separate relations with correct names, and risk selecting ones with wrong names when creating templates.


Personally I would say HIGHLY frustrating to the point where I don’t even dare to create a data structure.

This is a pure alpha, so we just need to test the features in a sandbox way.

Ability to Delete or Rename EVERYTHING in AnyType should be mandatory and one of the top priority, period.


I found a way to modify the name of the user-defined Relation.

For example, I want to change the “MCF” to “XXX”:
image => image

  1. Select or create a new set, and add the relation “MCF” in the Grid view

  2. Click on the newly added “MCF” in the header and modify the name to what you want, click “Save”

  3. It’s done, you can check your modified relation’s name in the library.


I do not use workaround and I mainly need to clear ALL Relations to only have mine, but I do admire the find.


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This is a nice workaround but it doesn’t change the actual name of the relation.

In your example, if you open the relation XXX the name will still be MCF

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This is not a problem in the current version of anytype, so I will mark as solved