Ability to import bookmark HTML files into Anytype

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
no, it isn’t a problem

Describe the solution you’d like
Having the ability to import bookmark HTML files which are exported via browsers or bookmark managers would be greatly appreciated. I have hundreds of bookmarks and I want to have it all on Anytype but doing it manually would be a huge task so an importer would be helpful.

Describe alternatives you’ve considered

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Hey @MusicalSpace,
welcome to the forum.
I guess you were the one asking for an HTML import function in the Discord?
As you wiped the template for feature requests, there is crucial information missing in here.
What is in your html? (Bookmarks I guess from the Discord)
What do you would like to happen with them?

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I edited it! is it good enough?


Looks good. Thank you.

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Yes, this would amazing! so Amazing!

This is Key because I like AnyType and I want to be able to move in with my notes from the past so that everything can be together in one place!

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Will this be added to the roadmap? the part where the import feature will be improved on?