Ability to hide the name of the source set in an inline set


I think it would be nice to be able to hide the name of the set when creating an inline set.


Have a toggle in the inline set settings “show source set name”


One use of the inline sets that I can imagine is having something like a dashboard with different views of the same set. For example set of tasks and views like “Inbox”, “Next Actions”, “Projects”, “Delegated” and something like that. If you create 4 inline sets on the page, the page will be cluttered with the name of the source set, e.g. “Task Tracker”.


I don’t think there are any alternatives to that as of yet.


Notion has it


Agree. This is essential to make these Sets truly useful.

I was sure I had posted a similar request but couldn’t find it. Glad you raised this!

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I usually use pages to list some Sets that I have previously created. The problem is that having multiple inline Sets makes it hard to read.

One way to help with this issue is by displaying an icon / emoji for each inline Set title. Even though each Set has its own icon, it is not displayed when used as an inline Set. So the alternative to this would be to simply add a title block above with an icon. But the problem is that the inline Set title can’t be hidden, so it makes duplicate titles. Another alternative would be to change the inline set title by adding an icon within, but this creates two problems:

  1. It changes the original title too.
  2. When searching from a Set from a selection list, the title will be shown with two icons (the object icon and the title icon)

So maybe the issue here could be resolved by one or both of those solutions:

  1. Displaying the Set icon when used as an inline Set
  2. Allowing to hide the inline Set title

Seems to be a duplicate of:

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For me, I want this feature for formatting purposes. I like to have a Heading then a Divider Line and then the data or notes below the Divider. This is how I have all my notes and other pages formatted. But because I cant hide the inline set title I have to either double the title to still follow my formatting which is cluttered and confusing to do. Or the other option which is what I do, is just have the pages with inline sets look different. There is no functional issue in how everything works, but without this ability, my Anytype system does not feel as polished as they should be.

It’s pretty amazing how displaying the name of the source set feels like such a small thing and in fact completely changes the outlook and feel of objects with inline sets.

I hope this gets addressed quickly, it will be a huge improvement to building dashboard!

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I add my voice (not my vote, I haven’t anymore :stuck_out_tongue: ).

User case :
I have a collection (so, a database).
I want to add some view of this database in a page.
But actually, I can’t have something clean.

  • If I use Collection : I have the same title (collection title) and I cannot change or hide it.
  • If I use set : I cannot filtrer easily to only show objet of my collection.

Yes, it need more than one FR. But if we can hide title of Set/Collection, it’s a first move.

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Yes, this would be very helpful. Having multiple inline instances of the same set on with different filters on a page becomes very messy when they all have the same set title instead of custom ones (or just hiding the title)