Ability to change files type as an audio or a video type

Ability to give an option to add a file as a video type or an audio type, for example i have .m4a music files and i want them in the audio type but they are being listed in video type so i wanna reconfigure .m4a files to be added in audio type


Hi @Ishaan, do I understand your request correctly if I make the comparison to Window’s “Open with” feature, allowing users to open a file with a specific application?

What I mean is basically as we know, only certain file formats like .MP3 .ogg and .wav formats are supported as “audio types” and will be found under the audio set if created which is a set of auto generated audio type objects…so we could only see .MP3 files in that set and not .m4a files which would be visible in the video type set as .m4a file is categorised under the video type by anytype as default. So what I would like is to have the freedom to categorise any file formats under whatever type we like because I have songs of .m4a format and that goes under the video type so it is viewed as a video with a black screen in anytype and not as a song with a progress bar. If I have the freedom to categorise .m4a files under audio type, I would be play .m4a files as songs! I hope you get me haha

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@Ishaan That’s a really cool request and more of a UX improvement. Right now our media player is kinda…well it’s not great :sweat_smile: BUT it’s a personal pet project of mine as I’m a musician and am involved with record labels/music distribution, it’s one of my primary use-cases for Anytype. We are gonna make a player leagues beyond what we currently have. Big things to come in that way.

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