Ability to add Relations with multiple values (regardless of data type)

Currently it seems only some Relations allow multiple values (tags and objects, for example).

I’d like to be able to choose how many values a Relation can/must have.

Examples of Relations I might want to create:

  • “Birth date” accepting only 1 date value.
  • “Occurrences” accepting an arbitrary quantity of date values
  • “Email” accepting only 2 email.
  • “Team members” accepting only 2 objects of the type People (for duos)
  • “Alternative names” accepting an arbitrary number of Text values


Related to: https://community.anytype.io/t/-/2203

Edit: possibly also allow multiple values of different data types, as suggested [here](Option to make URL Relations easier to click through to - Anytype Community).

One example where this might be useful: if I want to create a relation called “Location” consisting of 2 values: a name (Text), and a location (GPS coordinate). Note that it wouldn’t be practical to have these two be different Relations, since every time I use this location I’d want these two values tied together.