A way to view all content in anytype


  • a way to view all content in anytype because it’s a basic feature that everyone needs, I don’t want to lose content because I can’t see all of it in a list.

I think your request might be a duplicate of this one:

Could you please check? The title of the linked topic might need some clarification…

At the moment the only way to see all objects is via the Graph (over)View, but it’s not ideal for most people because it isn’t intuitively organized or consolidated, quite the opposite… still has it’s advantages though.

A possibility to see all objects in the set will be shipped in the end of October release


For the moment, the best way is to make sets of the types of objects you use.

Then list/link all the sets on a single (index) page. This will kinda recreate the traditional folder structure for yourself.

At least, that is how I do it at this moment.

It does take a bit of time to set up, maintain and requires you to think different about your files and how to organize them. We are trained with folder structures from even before computers (for those old enough to remember that hehe).

You can also create a Set based on a Relation, which could be something like the Creation date. You could end up with a HUGE Set if you really want to see all your Objects this way.

I’m sorry if necroposting is not allowed here, but how would I do this?

Open your library, find creation date and in the top right corner you’ll see create a new set.

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