A way to indent bullet lists natively on mobile app (Android and iOS)

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I noticed that there is no easy way to indent bullet lists in a native way in the mobile application. On PC one simply uses TAB to indent the list 1 level and SHIFT+TAB to bring it back 1 level. But in the mobile application there is no way to do it seamlessly and natively.

Personally, I think that working with bullet lists without the ability to indent the lists in an easy way takes away its functionality almost completely

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It would be great if this simple function of indenting bullet lists seamlessly in the mobile app could be implemented. Like in the image below, that shows an example of how Google docs implements this feature.


It’d be even better if not only bullet lists, but also all blocks which support nesting can be indented on mobile. It’s quite useful for arranging things!


I agree with you; that’s even a better idea than mine. Notes can get messy very quickly, and being able to indent all types of blocks would be very very useful to organize everything.

Thanks for your suggestion and improvement of the idea @edwards.

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It is necessary to implement this feature.