A temporary weekly calendar solution until there's an official one ;)

Hello everyone,

I would like to share my workaround with you on how to have a weekly calendar like this one:


  1. Create a collection and name it Weekly calendar or whatever
  2. Create notes/files for each hour on your day (you can choose which hour to start with and which to end with)
  3. Remove the default sorting of the collection and then manually drag and reorder the hours
  4. Next, create a new relation for each day and set it to only pick up the type of object you set for your tasks
  5. Duplicate the first day relation you made and rename it for each of the other week days
  6. Now you have a ready to use calendar, just click any where and choose your task

NOTE: I created another TASK type instead of using the default one because the default one doesn’t allow me to choose the type as “Basic” so that I can add my own icons to my tasks notes


That’s a really clever workaround. But luckily, the calendar view seems to be just around the corner.


I couldn’t wait anymore, I had to find a temporary fix for it :joy::joy:


@Hexara Just tried this for a different use case, thanks for always sharing your workarounds! Will be nice to finally have a calendar, fingers crossed, in time for the new year.