A 'swipe down' on the app screen should force a sync

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Sometimes there are sync problems, between Desktop and Android app.

(I can not say, when this happens exactly, in the last time i haved problem with ‘Set’.

I have made on the desktop app some ‘Set of(s)’, but these 'Set of(s) where not syncing to the Android app.

Normal when this happens, i restart the android app, and seconds later all is in sync.

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My idea: A ‘swipe down’ on the android app screen could be force a sync


@Oshyan Thanks :+1:

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I don’t really like the idea of using “swipe down” as a workaround for a feature that should work as expected, that is to say quickly and reliably in the background.

As a reference (and with a proper connection) Notion sync takes maximum 1sec, anytime, on any devices, without the need to use “swipe down” gesture.


@AyneHancer, the sync speed of anytype is also on par with Notion but what @Michael mean to say is that if in case the sync does not happen or you want to trigger it manually, then there should be a way to do so. I assume that everyone at some point has triggered a manual refresh in notion too.

I worry this would bloat the navigationexperience. Often I swipe down just to check if I am at the top of the screen.

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@turquoiseblue is the main concern; we need to figure out a way to force a sync and not cause load. The way I see it is, would forced sync be done for the page we are on, or will it force the entire user folder to sync.

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Allow swipe down gesture only from the top of the page could be the way?

Tough choice indeed. I’d say : Default could be Current page with an option in settings to switch to All pages.

To my knowledge, there is no way to do this from their smartphone apps, either from a menu or a swipe down.

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Only the current page would be a lot of uncertainty for me weather i am up to date everywhere. But yes, although i find ‘whole userfolder’ > ‘current page’, i also think an option to decide is doing it.

And also an option to force sync on swipedown at the top of the page. I also would like a ‘code-swipe’-option where i can put in a number i like, that after x swipes down on top of a page a sync is forced, and a swipe down animation appears, which only goes away after swiping up some distance.

Edit: If the swipe down in the starting window is forcing a sync, thats also something i find minimal and then leaving every other page or position free and not randomly forcing syncs for just swiping down (as in a set view that can happen often, as there is an animation when scrolling up to see the title of the set)

Although “swipe down from top” is a common gesture for web browsers, I think this is reasonable only because refreshing is potentially a frequent action. For Anytype generally the syncing should “just work”. Thefore forcing sync does not, in my view, have to be quite so immediately accessible.

There is already a sync indicator in the upper-right of any page. Pressing there brings up a menu. It should be easy, and sensible, to just add a “force sync” button there if it is really necessary, and/or a link to a full info page on syncing where a force sync can be done.

In my view if you are having to force sync regularly, something is wrong in Anytype’s fundamental implementation. And putting in a frequently-used and easily accessed shortcut is not a good fix. Just my 2 cents though. :grin:

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Describe the feature

Forced manual sync should be made as an Option on desktop on both first Local and then backup and Vice versa. OR options should be given

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.

Installed anytype fresh on a fresh desktop. Synced data from both backup node and android.

After the data is synced, the sync doesnot seems like it happens based on time. The latest draft did not gets synced first but in middle. and older drafts synced the latest. Like a mess.

Describe the solution you’d like

Forced sync should be made as an Option on desktop first Local and then backup. OR options should be given

@Srinath Related would be reindexing. There is this page I created but does not appear in search. Apparently happened after syncing. @Oshyan can you decide whether they stay here or moved to bug report? Can make both feature request and bug report.

There is a mobile-specific feature request for force sync that has become more of a general place to discuss it. So I’m moving this there. Basically part of what should be considered here is that if a “force sync” is required then Anytype’s sync function isn’t working as well as it probably should. It’s possible it may not be able to be made as fully reliable and automatic as I would hope, but that should definitely be the goal. Still, a “force sync” may need to be an option. If so it should be on desktop and mobile both, probably.

@Oshyan that’s right. Force sync should be on both.

yeah I would like to have it too on both platforms
Sometimes you have to wait and don’t know what (and if something) happens in the background.
I think this is an important feature to have.

As for where to place this function, I think it would be the best place, when you click on the sync status, that there opens a little menu, with the information (which on desktop is already there) and a force sync button.

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Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I frequently see that the data cannot be synced across different devices. Sometimes when I added a new object in one computer, I cannot see the object in another computer. I have to wait hours or even days to see it in the second computer.
Recently, I reset one of my computer, but cannot sync the data from the server (see Cannot sync data de novo from the backup server).

Describe the solution you’d like
These problem might be caused by potential bugs of anytype or network problems. However, allowing users to initiate forced (full) sync will help to resolve the problems, rather than sitting there to wait and nothing can be done.
For full sync, we can add a Sync data entry in anytype menu, while sync for a particular page can be done by add a entry to the popup menu of synced status on the top right. At the mobile end, they can be initiated by swipe done gesture at homepage or a particular object.