A simple card style dashboard page setup

Cards shows only cover, looks nice. :grinning:

I use Powerpoint to add text to the picture, feel free to download the .pptx file if you need, change the picture, text, color, etc., and save it as a png or jpg.
Add text to picture_.zip (1.7 MB)


We are thinking about making one of the objects as home!


Users can then have custom dashboards :star_struck: That’s amazing :ok_hand:

Wow, this sounds really great! :star_struck: If this is the case, I hope I can pin the object (maybe 3 I use most) to the upper left toolbar, so that I can quickly access and switch.

However, although the current homepage is inconvenient to use, it fits my aesthetics and I like the current design very much. :heart_eyes: I hope that it can be kept. Every time I open Anytype to see beautiful wallpapers and simple desktop(home) is a very beautiful thing, which makes me have the desire to work and create.

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Having the text be transparent by default on the background cover for the title in the anytype card would be the best way to have this without requiring external apps

Indeed, I have mentioned it in this feature request

Hello there ! I love the concept too, I’m just wondering how you managed to make those cards type with only covers show ?

Cheers :slight_smile:

To @paul

  1. Create a link to an existing object that already have a cover.
  2. Go to the Appearance “Layout preview” options of this linked object.
  3. Select “Card” type.
  4. Show “Cover” value.
  5. Hide “Name” and “Description” values.

Hi i’m new to anytype i’m trying to set up my dashboard and trying to create cards but the preview option only apear to me when i turn a text into an object other ways it doesn’t show for example when i mention an object or change the text style

You need to use /link instead of @mention for the preview.

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thank you so much for the help i was so frustrated about this bug. anytype team should work on it.
it was so annoying to watch all these videos and can’t do like them.

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this is not working anymore? I can’t hide the title of any object